JumpStart World of Learning 1st grade

This year, teach your 1st graders that learning can be an adventure! JumpStart World of Learning: 1st Grade invites each student to rescue JumpStart Town from trouble- a challenge that requires mastery of more than 280 essential 1st grade skills based on national and state standards.

As students progress through the educational games and missions in JumpStart Town, new lands, adventures and lessons unlock. This unique format not only keeps each student engaged, but also ensures that each student will be studying at the appropriate pace and level. Plus, JumpStart World of Learning makes managing your classroom simple. The included Classroom Management system allows you to review detailed information on each child's or the entire class progress easily..

Teaches over 200 skills for 1st grade including:


Comparisons, Measurements, Graphs, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Value of Money, Fractions.


Story Sequencing, Rhyming, Sight Words, Punctuation, Contractions, Parts of Speech, Plurals, Synonyms, Antonyms

Critical Thinking:

Spatial Awareness, Visual Discrimination, Directions, Using a Calendar, Solving Puzzles, telling time, patterns

Social Skills:

.Friendship, Team work, Responsibility

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