Reading resources

Reading Resources For Teachers

Teachers trying to motivate or teach students to read can find lots of reading resources online. This includes printable worksheets, lesson plans, reading diaries for students, reading certificates for encouragement, fun activities, audio-visual aids, and tons of other resources that teachers can use in the classroom. Some teachers like to use audio hooks – audio extracts that stop just where the story gets interesting. The teacher can then hand out copies of the book, since students are much more likely to want to read the book after hearing the hook. For students who can read on their own, it is important to have the type of books they like to read. In some classes, this may amount to a very large collection of books. It is also important to ensure that the language of the books matches the reading abilities of the students. An alternative to stocking up on a large collection of books that meet these criteria is to use e-libraries to encourage reading.

Reading resources

Here are some fun reading worksheets, activities, and other reading resources that teachers can use to teach students to read.

The Usefulness of Online Reading Resources

Online reading resources are useful for people who do not want to accumulate a large collection of books. They are also useful for individuals who do not have access to libraries or do not have the time to go to one. It is very easy to find the right book in an e-library, because of the advanced search options available.