A complete-featured learning App for school kids from primary to higher secondary!
Specifically designed and developed knowing their learning needs are vast and exuberant, We
crafted this learning program with our topnotch teachers and subject matter experts in a holistic
approach by breaking down the entire syllabi into smaller capsules to make each one’s learning
journey more understanding and simple.

After efficient research and analysis, we have come up with this integrated learning solution to
unlock students’ full potential and support the teaching community.
M- School is an online application that focuses on STEM subjects, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics,
Maths, Science, Social Science, and English having…
Interactive and engaging learning modules
20K Visually rich and conceptual video lessons
20K Intellectually pinned chapter-wise assessments
25K Analysed and evaluated module-based question banks
20K Retention enabling lesson-wise worksheets
15K Subject-based challenging competitive tests
Anytime doubt clarifications, made easy with Ask a Doubt!