Laptops with programs

Laptops with programs

Personalize your child’s learning experience TODAY!!

The earlier a child receives services to address basic skills in Reading, Writing, Arithmetics, Social and Critical Thinking Skills, the more time there is to influence positive learning outcomes. dschool Early intervention programs are intended to provide families who have children with developmental disabilities or delays with support and resources to maximize the child’s abilities.

At dSchool we believe that the quest to learn begins with Play. Children first learn and explore their world through Play. Play continues to inform and inspire kids throughout their lives. At every age, Fun and Laughter break down barriers to learning. Learning is an Adventure that lasts a lifetime. With our Jumpstart Programs, parents can rest assured that their children are spending their time productively; your child will explore a different world and improve comprehension skills and basic hand-eye coordination with simple yet exciting learning games appropriate for their age!
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