JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten

KSh2,200.00 KSh2,000.00

  • Kindergarten Essentials: Learn over 40 skills in math, spelling reading and more. Plus,
  • Early Reading: Practice Reading, Listening, Spelling and Phonics in an underwater world.
  • Early Math: Develop the foundation for math success while exploring addition and subtraction in
  • Art Discovery: Learn art fundamentals, tour art from history and design unique masterpieces to
  • Platform: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 10


  • Provides superior interactive game play tailored to each child’s individual learning style
  • Fun activities that encourage active learning through movement games
  • Skill leveling that automatically adjusts game play and content to each child’s growing abilities
  • Enhanced motivational game reward structure
  • Advanced curriculum to better prepare kids for the next grade


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