Welcome to The dschool Planetarium, which is located at Ejinja off Mumias Road. The planetarium is a highly enlightening and pleasurable immersive atmosphere for you to get delighted while learning about the cosmic universe. Enjoy the scenery and imagine that you are truly flying through space, landing on the Moon, or navigating among the planets and stars. Our permanent planetarium sits right in the middle of Kakamega and is a fantastic opportunity to experience space without leaving the city.

The planetarium programs last around an hour and comprise the following 30-minute documentaries in addition to live presentations (astronomy talks).

  1. A glorious dawn
  2. Back to the moon
  3. Clockwork skies
  4. Cosmic casts away
  5. Dark Matter my story
  6. Losing the dark
  7. Phantom of the universe
  8. Seeing! A photon’s journey across space
  9. Space Shapes
  10. Sunstruck Show
  11. The Incredible Sun
  12. Eso Journey to the Center of the Milky Way
  13. Einstein’s Gravity Playlist
  14. HR Diagram
  15. FIREFALL Full dome Planetarium Show


Children 500/=

Adults 500/=

For private bookings of 25,000, a maximum of 40


Thursday Shows

Losing the dark3 pm
Phathom of the Universe5 pm

Friday Shows

From Earth to the Universe 3 pm
Cosmic Casts Away 5 pm

Saturday Shows

The sun struck11 am
Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way12 pm

Mobile Planetarium

We can visit your school or birthday party with our mobile planetarium and offer planetarium shows for your guests/students. Our 11-meter dome can comfortably fit 100 school kids. Please get in touch with us if you would like us to visit your school, party, or event with our mobile planetarium.