JumpStart Advanced Grade 2


The JumpStart Advanced helps children build and practice essential skills and get a head start on third-grade learning too!

Disc One–Fundamentals: develop skills in subjects like language arts, math, reading, and music.
Disc Two–Field Trip Adventure: explore the cultures and music of nine different countries.
Disc Three–Mystery Club Vol. 1: investigate crime scenes, uncover clues, and unravel mysteries.
Disc Four–Pet Playground: Adopt your own virtual pet. Teach it tricks, buy accessories, and play pet games.

Over 50 Skills Taught!

Reading and Writing

Reading comprehension
Synonyms and antonyms
Parts of speech

Life cycles
Plants and animals
Social Studies

World landmarks
Foreign phrases

Addition and carrying
Subtraction with borrowing
Time and money
Estimation and rounding
Art and Music

Music styles and notation
Art styles and art vocabulary
Special Features

Learning Profiler determines child?s learning style and adjusts play
Automatic leveling adjusts to child?s pace
Motivating reward system keeps children engaged
Based on state educational standards

Key features:

  • Learning curriculum designed by educators and aligned with state standards
  • Classroom management system allows each teacher to organize their classroom and easily view progress by student or class
  • Personalized learning system opens up new lands and challenges according to each student’s progress
  • In-game rewards keep students motivated to continue completing lessons and practicing skills
  • Ever changing world transforms with the seasons and holidays using a real-time calendar
  • Compelling 3D play immerses kids in a world of adventure and learning
  • Exportable progress reports keep teachers up-to-date with student progress, skill by skill


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