Physical Science, 3rd Edition, MP3 Audio CD


This MP3 CD contains a complete audio recording of the?Exploring Creation With Physical Science,?3rd Edition, course.

Auditory learners take in written information better if they hear it as they read along. Audio helps them stay focused because their brains are able to give more attention to the text. And because rereading and pauses are greatly reduced, they cover more ground in less time ? which is encouraging for them and gives them more confidence as scholars.

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Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition, MP3 Audio CD


This CD contains a complete audio recording of the course?Exploring Creation With Physical Science,?3rd Edition.??Although the audio for the complete text and ?On Your Own? problems is included on the CD, the audio for the study guides, tests, and answers is not included. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners, slow readers, or have other learning disabilities that make reading difficult.


?Please note that this is not a standard CD. It is an MP3 CD. This means that in order to listen to this CD, you must play it in an MP3-compatible CD player or on a computer. Please note that although this audiobook is a direct reading from the textbook, occasionally words or sentences have been altered in this recording to ensure a high-quality listening experience, and the words in the book, therefore, may not track exactly with the words of the audio.


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