Reading Blaster Ages 6-8


The Reading Blaster Series motivates students to master language arts skills in reading, writing, and spelling. The series challenges students to use problem-solving skills in age-appropriate, multi-level reading and writing activities that teach punctuation, creative writing, vocabulary development, proper grammar, and more. Help your students achieve reading and writing proficiency.

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Develop key reading and grammar skills to solve an exciting mystery
Six engaging activities develop essential spelling, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary skills and equip students to read and listen effectively. Five adjustable levels of content, over 2,000 vocabulary words, and 25 read-along books let your students be the detectives, making reading fun!

Key Standards

  • Writing Process
  • Writing to Communicate
  • Reading-Decoding, Phonics, Reading Process
  • Reading Comprehension and Evaluation
  • Language Expressions and Mechanics

Curriculum Skills

  • Understand sentence structure
  • Create compound words and contractions
  • Identify syllables, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Use punctuation and capitalization
  • Discover antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms
  • Use past and present tenses correctly


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