dschool world of learning is an edutainment organization that provides world-class solutions that make learning easier, fun, and effective from ages 2 to high school.

We are the first Kenyan company to partner with Robotis Africa to provide educational coding and robot kits, curriculum, manuals, and training to schools in Kenya.

Our products are in chronological for learners and can be used from kindergarten, lower primary, upper primary, high school, colleges, and universities up until the industry.

The kits aim at developing 21st-century skills in learners such as programming skills, effective communication, creative problem-solving, and critical and innovative thinking. They also develop and improve speech, social, cognitive, and behavioral skills.
We introduce programming and STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) concepts through robots.
Coding has been made a requirement by the competence-based curriculum, we are here to help and ensure we train teachers and equip them with the kits for different categories to allow learners to learn coding chronologically from the most straightforward language at the lowest level and watch them grow to become the next big innovators.

We use R+ Design, R+Block, R+scratch 2.0, R+Manager, R+ Task 2.0, R+Motion 2.0, R+Task 3.0, C, python, and 3D printing for higher learning as our coding languages.
Every kit can formulate at least 48 different types of robots.

The following are the kits arranged from the simplest level to the highest.

Play is the most basic kit, it comes with a remote controller, sensors, and a motherboard with pre-installed programs/commands for easy and fun learning.

OLLO K1-K12 is an introductory robotics kit that comes with a remote controller, sensors, and a controller with built-in programs for fun learning.

OLLO K Highlights:
♦ Plenty of robot parts to build 48 robots
♦ Learn various natures, Animals, and Cultures through activities provided in the workbook
♦ Linking structures allow students to understand the principles of the joint movement
♦ R+ block coding teaches students to understand the basics of coding and programming

Tricycle and beetle robots made from Ollo K kit
Tricycle and beetle robots made from Ollo K kit

Dream II school set is a complete kit optimized for schools and institutions.

DREAM II Highlights:
♦ Weekly bases learning curriculum along with coding lessons
♦ Build up to 60 robots ( 12 robots each/ 5 levels)
♦ Perfect for robotic education which requires step-by-step learning
♦ Plate and rivet system enables easy and quick assembly (6mm)


Robotics stem is geared for a secondary-school robotics curriculum. It introduces programming and other STEM concepts.

STEM highlights:
♦ Introduces programming and STEM concepts using robotics
♦ 48 chapters with 16 different robot assembly guides
♦ Robot configuration movements are based on wheel and joint-type motions.
♦ Encourage self-directed learning through work•
books and assembly guides

Sample Robot from STEM Kit
Sample Robot from STEM Kit

Engineer kit is a Smart AI Multi-Joint Robotics Kit.

Engineer kit Highlights:
♦ Offers a standardized curriculum for multi-level robotics educational courses:
-Engineer kit 1- 3D Printing and R+ task programming
-Engineer kit 2- Python Curriculum.
♦ Programmable via R+ Engineer App and R+
♦ Facial recognition and tracking via camera

Max E-1 Robot from Engineer Kit 1
Max E-1 Robot from Engineer Kit 1


  • We provide a curriculum.
  • Our robot kits are chronological up to the highest level of education.
  • We provide training and manuals for learners and teachers
  • Gives learners hands-on learning experiences on robotics
  • They give students  problem-solving skills by giving them the challenge to assemble the robot
  • Equips with creativity as learners create different shapes.