Build typing proficiency interactively-the JumpStart way

Timed typing lessons and engaging activities build proficiency through repetitive training and interactive demonstrations. Diagnostic technology adapts to each student's skill level, teaching hand placement, posture, key identification, accuracy, speed, and technique, and offering progress reports and multiple difficulty levels.

Curriculum Skills

.Practice proper keyboarding technique
.Build keyboard accuracy and speed
.Master correct hand placement and posture

Kid Keys 2.0

Introduce students to a lifetime of keyboarding fun! Engaging exercises and lessons teach kids typing basics such as identifying letter keys, keyboard control, finger placement, how to use a mouse, how to 'click and drag,' and typing words and sentences. Special features include an on-screen keyboard with easy-to-find letters, lively characters, multiple difficulty levels, and closed-captioning.

Curriculum Skills:

(i) Recognize keyboard letters
(ii) Learn and practice home row keys
(iii) Control cursor movement
(iv) Master 'click and drag' technique
(v) Type letter combinations and simple sentences

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